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Is a lemon law attorney in Ohio needed?


A new vehicle is a major expenditure in most people’s budgets. After the planning, saving, and shopping; you placed your hard earned cash at risk after listening to the manufacturer’s assurances that you are acquiring a quality product. Now, when you count on that vehicle to perform as expected, you have been severely disappointed. Worse yet, the dealer and manufacturer combination are giving you the run-a-round when it comes to honoring their commitment - guaranteeing your satisfaction once you purchase their product. What do you do now?

The right move is to seek out Luxenburg & Levin to obtain the justice authorized by the Ohio Lemon Laws. This is not the time to be a self-starter. It is the time to hire the legal firm that makes lemon car resolution the centerpiece of their practice. This gives you the best chance of receiving the settlement that compensates you properly for the hardships that you had endured.


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How to Identify a Lemon?

It is usually pretty obvious to the consumer that they have purchased a lemon and they are aware that there is a lemon law in the state of Ohio, but do you know how to determine whether your vehicle qualifies for relief?


Why are we the best choice for your defective car, boat, RV or other motor vehicle case?


When seeking the best lemon law lawyer to represent you, there are 3 points that you need to consider: Experience, Service, and Fee Arrangement. Via this website, we hope to educate you as to what matters most in choosing competent legal representation. Not only that, we do hope that it becomes clear that Luxenburg & Levin, LLC is the legal firm that will get you results.  Here is what you should be considering:


Our 21 combined years in pursuit of consumer rights gives us the ability to use the OH lemon laws to clients' advantage. During this time, we have developed a sound strategy to obtaining the best results. Our goal is to reduce the amount of time it takes to successfully resolve your case, not to perpetuate it. Some larger firms may stretch out a case to rack up billable hours. A lack of experience in dealing with the Ohio lemon laws may also result in a long process or unfavorable result.

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Providing great service is one of our founding principles. We had noticed that accruing billable hours seems to the principle of other legal firms, and this is something that we wanted to differentiate us from them. We hope that service is something that you notice by our actions of taking a personal interest in your dilemma, not through insincere advertising.

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To sum it all up: we never get paid more than recovered amount from the manufacturer of the lemon that you were having issues with. This concept was designed to protect you and instill the confidence of pursuing a large company for damages, shifting the risk to us to perform.

It makes little sense to be compensated for your loss but to incur even more financial burden in paying your lawyer. With this burden lifted off your shoulders, you are free to pursue compensation without worry. This is an important point to keep in mind when seeking legal assistance.

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  • 1The first step to see how we can help you get rid of your lemon car (or other product) is to contact us for a free lemon case review. We are well versed on the Ohio lemon law for cars and can provide you with immediate advice. Call us toll-free to speak directly to a lemon law attorney now at (877) 846-1209. In the alternative, you can also fill out our form anywhere on this web site. Your information will be immediately forwarded to one of the experienced lemon law attorneys in our firm who will contact you promptly to discuss your situation further. If you prefer, you can fax your repair records and contact information to us toll-free at (866) 551-7791.
  • 2After we accept a new lemon law client, we immediately notify the manufacturer by sending a letter to its legal department outlining the defects you have endured with your lemon and the applicable state and federal laws. Most of the manufacturers have specific lawyers or employees whose jobs involve the settlement of lemon law and breach of warranty claims with law firms like ours. These people have a great deal more authority to resolve your lemon situation then the people with whom you speak when you call the phone number in the back of your warranty book. It is our experience, from talking to hundreds of consumers who have attempted to negotiate their own settlements with the vehicle manufacturers, that it will usually get you nowhere. Haven't you been through enough frustration with your lemon already?

    More often than not, we are able to settle our client's claims without ever having to file a lawsuit. Most of the manufacturers understand that a prompt and reasonable settlement is in their best interest and your best interest. Usually we allow approximately 30 days for the manufacturer and its lawyers to review your claims and make an offer, although in most instances we receive an offer to settle your case sooner than that.
  • 3If we do not receive a reasonable offer, or if we receive no response, we then proceed with litigation by filing a complaint against the manufacturer in the appropriate local court. Once the manufacturer hires an attorney to represent its interests in the lemon law case, we continue to try to settle your case. Simply because a lawsuit is filed does not mean that you will not receive a settlement. Sometimes the manufacturer just needs that extra push to see that we are serious. Historically, over 99% of all the lemon law cases our firm has handled have settled without ever having to go to trial.

    The litigation process includes "discovery," which is the method by which lawyers obtain information to support their client's cases. We request documents from the manufacturer regarding the service history of your vehicle. We ask specific questions, or "interrogatories," which must be answered in writing to help narrow the issues. We have subpoenas served upon all of the dealerships and repair shops that have done work on your vehicle to obtain your repair records (if they do not provide the information voluntarily). In some cases, we will arrange for a local mechanic to perform a detailed inspection of your lemon vehicle and write us a report so that he can serve as an expert witness in your case.

    Engaging in litigation and discovery does not mean that we are resolving ourselves to a trial. We have found that the most effective way to force the manufacturers to address our client's cases is to continually put pressure on them. This usually proves successful in the settlement of lemon law and breach of warranty cases. However, if a case does not settle, the appropriate level of work and preparation will have been performed for trial.

We also represent lemon law clients in Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

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